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  • Master Stingray

    Necklace Master Stingray in black tourmaline, Ethiopia opal, Stingray pattern pavee black diamonds.

  • Aaro Stingray

    Necklace Aaro Stingray in black tourmaline, Ethiopia opal, Stingray pattern pavee black diamonds.

  • Necklace Kongo

    Necklace Kongo in black tourmaline, letters in silver, enamelled and hand-enhanced by the artist.

  • Necklace Kongo Black

    Necklace Kongo in black tourmaline, enamelled letters pavée diamonds.

  • Choker Cara

    Choker Cara in black tourmaline and black spinel. Claps and ornaments in silver 925.

  • Faith

    Necklace Faith in black toumaline and black spinel. Cross in silver pavee black spinel.

  • Denz

    Necklace Denz in black tourmaline, Arizona turquoise, pyrite, lapis lazuli and chrysocolla.

  • New Bogota

    Necklace New Bogota in emerald, super7, black tourmaline, charoite and black diamond.

  • Erra

    Necklace Erra in tanzanite, moonstone, topaz, larimar, aquamarine.

  • Purpl Lil

    Necklace Purpl Lil in charoite, emerald, chrysoprase, black tourmaline and black diamond.

  • Thurumali

    Necklace Thurumali in watermelon tourmaline, ruby, silver beads pavée diamonds and old Tibetan turquoise.

  • Kidika

    Necklace Kidika in green sapphire, yellow sapphire, tourmaline, fire opal, coral.

  • Kiribati

    Necklace Kiribati in Arizona turquoise, sapphire, mammoth ivory, gold coral and 22K gold.

  • Ohau

    Necklace Ohau in coral, old Tibetan turquoise, amber, green tourmaline and 22K gold.

  • Bissau

    Necklace Bissau in ruby, old Tibetan turquoise, bone, sugilite, Mammoth teeth fossilized.

  • Heliades Drop

    Necklace Heliades Drop in sea bamboo, amber and opal.

  • Grizzly

    Necklace Grizzly in ruby, turquoise, sugilite and bear claw.

  • Thunder Chief

    Necklace Thunder Chief in sapphire, aquamarine and indian head in bone.

  • Mantana Re

    Necklace Mantana Re in turquoise, ruby, sugilite, opal and Stingray teeth.

  • Poseidon

    Necklace Poseidon in sea bamboo, coral, diamond and 18K gold.

  • Sonora

    Necklace Sonora in Arizona turquoise, fire opal, sapphire and elephant head in bone.

  • Big Horn

    Necklace Big Horn in black tourmaline, silver beads pavée diamonds, sea bamboo, Mammoth ivory and black diamonds.

  • Raita

    Necklace Raita in black tourmaline,emerald,sea bamboo,sugilite and 22K gold.

  • Atacama

    Necklace Atacama in ruby, old Tibetan turquoise,silver bead pavee diamonds,Mammoth ivory,ebony and Megalodon teeth.